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Quality Assurance

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This service is inspected annually through the Care Commission, which investigates: –

  • The quality of interaction with children
  • Relationships with parents/carers
  • Programming, implementation and evaluation of activities
  • Health and safety issues and emergency procedures
  • Record keeping of parent/child information and profiles of development
  • Training
  • Equal opportunities for every child
  • Compliance with the Scottish Executive’s National Care Standards for Education and Childcare

The service’s policies and procedures, the certificate of registration and the annual inspection report, are available to read at any given time. The following is an extract from previous inspection reports: –

Conclusions on the quality of provision –
‘A very high quality of childcare is offered to both the children and their parents/carers. There are many resources available, which are both age appropriate, of good quality and cover all areas of the curriculum. Throughout the inspection, interaction was of a very high quality with a caring and sensitive manner. Jane regularly takes the children on visits to local amenities. Jane’s paperwork is very comprehensive, accurately completed and kept in a concise manner. She forward plans her time with the children, recording her plans and evaluating all that she has done. The children all have individual folders that their personnel information and a profile of their development are kept in. The parents have regular special meetings to discuss their children’s progress, over and above the normal day to day chats about events and activities. Good relationships have been built up with the parents who give Jane ongoing positive feedback about the service that she offers, commenting that she is like an extension of their own family.

‘Continue to offer the high quality child care service that is in evidence.’

Police and medical checks have been successfully carried out for this service, in order to ensure safety for all children.

Referees are available on request.

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